WE are a reggio-emilia inspired school

What is Reggio-Emilia

The Reggio-Emilia Approach to early childhood education believes young children are individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them.

There are several key concepts to the Reggio-Emilia Approach:

-Children are capable to construct their own learning. They are inspired by their own interest to explore and learn more.

-Children gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in their world through interactions with others.

-Children are communicators. We encourage our children to use language to investigate experiences, and explore their surroundings.

-The learning environment as the third teacher. This encourages collaboration, communication, and exploration within every classroom. 

-The adult is the mentor and guide. Our role as adults to the children is to observe our children, listen to their questions and their stories. Learn what interests them and then provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.

-An emphasis on documenting children's thoughts. We believe in making the children thoughts visible through different ways such as: photographs, transcripts of children’s thoughts and explanations, visual representations, all designed to show the child’s learning process.

-The concept of the hundred languages founded by Loris Malaguzzi explains that children are natural communicators and should be encouraged to communicate in many ways. Such as words, drawings, movement, building and more. 

We believe there’s more to learning than memorization, At Lil Explorers School we believe children learn through non-traditional means. We believe in hands on, nature based sensory activities - that help our children learn and grow. 

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Conscious Discipline

We have learned a lot from founder of Conscious Discipline, Becky Bailey. She provides ideas, and neat tricks to help better understand these approaches as well as teachings you can use with your children at home.

Reggio-Emilia Approach

The history and philosophy of Reggio-Emilia Approach. This link provides a better overall understanding of why we believe this is the best philosophy to educate our lil explorers, and the concepts our staff members teach each day!