oUr Community

Here at Lil Explorers School of Boerne we believe community is the key to growth. We encourage the active participation of families and staff in all facets of life at our campus. Below we have a list of important events you will see on our school calendar and hear about when you join our family!

Community events


Parent's Night Out

We love our sweet explorers and we are so grateful that you let us teach, care, and explore with them! Here at Lil Explorers we offer an after hour Parent's Night Out Service. Twice a month we offer an after hour child care, we provide an activity, yummy food - even though we are a non-screen school because it is after hours we allow a fun showing! This allows families to tend to things during the weekend, and gives the children time to have fun!


Open House

Throughout the year we are holding Open Houses. We believe community places a huge role in our everyday lives, including the Boerne community. So on a Saturday throughout almost every month we try to hold an open house, which is open to the public for our parents to bring their family or friends in to see what Lil Explorers is all about!


Portfolio Night

Throughout the school year our teachers are creating portfolios for each child, which include pictures, artwork and observations documenting your child’s developmental stages as well as learning stages.

Observations are reflected interactions between our staff members, your child, and their fellow explorers! We believe documenting throughout the year helps our staff gain valuable insight into the thoughts and learning process of each child.

We show case these portfolios at our annual parents portfolio night, where parents and grandparents get to walk around observing their Childs portfolio, socializing, and receiving any information they might have!


Holiday Events

Throughout the year we have many holiday events, such as our snow day, mother and father celebration, 4th of July Parade and many more. These celebrations are usually held during school hours, they are closed events for our Lil Explorer families. This is a time to celebrate, socialize with other parents, and teachers, as well as enjoy time with your children at their school!


Parent Ambassador

For all these events, we need a strong team to help us coordinate. Here at Lil Explorers we ask for you the parents help to plan, or donate anything extra we me need for events. Our Parent Ambassador team is a volunteer group of parents from each class that helps manage it all! They do an awesome job, and can always use extra hands, so join today!


All School Meet Ups

Every month our team of Parent Ambassadors put together an all school meet up outside of our campus! This is a awesome time where our school community gathers together to create precious moments with other families, our staff, and your children's school friends!