Here at Lil Explorers School we invite you and your family to not just receive an education, but to join the community! With monthly all-school meet-ups, semi-annual all-school parent meetings and committees galore, you are truly welcome to become a part of the Lil Explorersfamily!


All School Meet Ups

 Our Lil Explorers community joins together once a month outside of our campus. All School Meet Ups are a joyful time when we create relationships, and memories with other Explorer families! This is a time that also allows use to explorer our Boerne community!


Holiday Events

Throughout the year we host holiday events, such as our Fall Festival, Mothers and Fathers Day celebrations, a 4th of July Parade and many others. These celebrations are usually held during school hours, they are closed events only for our Lil Explorer families. This is wonderful time that allows us celebrate together with our campus community, create ever lasting memories with families and teachers, as well as enjoy time with your lovely littles at their school!


Open House

We believe community role plays a huge impact on ours and your littles everyday lives, including the Boerne community. Throughout our school year we hold Open Houses. This is a perfect opportunity for the public to come and tour our beautiful three acre campus. Come meet our sweet teachers, and see their amazing Reggio-Emilia classrooms!


Portfolio Night

Throughout the school year our teachers are creating portfolios for each child, which include pictures, and artwork.

We believe documenting throughout the year helps our staff gain valuable insight into the thoughts and learning process of each child.

We show case these portfolios at our annual parents portfolio night, where parents and other family members join us on campus for a viewing party of their child's portfolio!